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Zonnon Builder User Guide

2.  Zonnon Builder Installation

If you don't already have the .NET Framework installed then the first thing to do is to download it from the Microsoft site and install it. Now just follow the following four steps to install Zonnon Builder ...

Step 1: Unzip the ZonnonBuilder.zip distribution file to the directory of your choice.

Step 2:  Execute the Setup.exe program. The program will install Zonnon Builder to the directory \Program  Files\ETH Zurich\ZonnonBuilder.

Step 3: Finally you need to execute the program ethz.zonnon.builder.exe to start the Zonnon Builder. The Zonnon Builder icon on decktop or in main Start menu may be used also for the execution.

Figure 2.1. The Zonnon Builder icon on desktop.

Figure 2.2. The Zonnon Builder icon in main Start menu.

Enjoy working with the Zonnon Builder and developing  programs in Zonnon for the .NET platform.

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