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Elephant in Africa

An example on using Zonnon programming language.


Elephant in Africa is a sample Zonnon application. The game demonstrates using the activity construction. All game actors work in parallel running separate activities. The paticipant activity and the screen activity send messages to each other.


  • Africa.vszb.zip - a project for MS Visual Studio and Zonnon Builder. Archive contains source files, images and a project files for both IDE's.

Game info

Elephant in Africa is an arcade game. Elephant travels in Africa. It eats Grass, Flowers. Player uses arrow keys to control the Elephant. The goal of Elephant to eat all Flowers in Africa and thenn it must to find Exit. If the Elephant does not eat all flowers it cannot exit to the next level.

Stones can fall onto the Elephant's head and kill it. Snakes and spiders can bite the Elephant. But the Elephant can drop stones and bombes onto spiders and snakes. A killed spider drops flowers that the Elephant must eat.

To eat flowers Elephant need to explode stone walls by dropped bombes or to travel in a maze from trees

Initial version was written by Vladimir Romanov.

Copyright © 2010 ETH Zurich, Switzerland